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III Detective Agency: Your Trusted Surveillance and Investigation Experts

Specialists in local surveillance & shadowing, spy gadgets, mobile spy software, location tracing, investigations, and inquiries.

At III Detective Agency, we are the specialists you can rely on for all your surveillance, shadowing, and investigation needs. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s local surveillance, cutting-edge spy gadgets, mobile spy software, precise location tracing, in-depth investigations, or detailed inquiries, we have you covered.
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III Services

Over the years, III Detective Services has earned the trust of its esteemed clients, who value and appreciate our expert detective services in both Corporate and Personal Investigation matters.

Corporate Investigations

III Detective Agency conducts comprehensive corporate investigations, scrutinizing embezzlement, fraud, data manipulation, and employee/management misconduct. We deliver truthful findings and reliable investigative solutions for our corporate clients.

Private Investigations

III Detective Agency specializes in intricate private investigations, including conflict resolution, skip tracing to locate missing individuals, asset tracing, labor dispute resolution, and more.

International Investigations

III Detective extends its services globally, with expert investigators stationed in the US, UK, Singapore, Ireland, and Malaysia. Our teams, comprised of experienced professionals from security agencies, adhere to local legal frameworks.

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Our pre-matrimonial investigations provide comprehensive insights and discreet background checks, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for individuals entering into matrimonial alliances.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Our post-matrimonial investigations offer discreet and thorough examinations to uncover any potential issues or concerns within a marriage, providing clarity and necessary information for informed decisions.

Divorce Case Investigation

Our divorce case investigations meticulously gather evidence and uncover crucial information to support legal proceedings, ensuring a fair and just resolution for all parties involved.

Why Choose Us

What distinguishes us from others?


Our free consultation is fully confidential. We can help you with any questions you have.

24/7 Communication

You can contact our management team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your case.


Our agents are highly skilled experts who will deliver results to the highest possible standard.


We have been a trusted source for businesses and individuals all over India.


Our services can help you collect and document evidence with all findings qualified to be admissible in court.

Resolving personal conflicts

Expertly resolving personal conflicts with professionalism, empathy, and effective strategies is our forte.


"III Detective has been an invaluable resource in assisting me with my personal investigation tasks. Their team of highly skilled professionals demonstrated exceptional talent and efficiency in handling my private investigation needs. Their dedication and commitment made them appear superhuman in their work. I wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone in my network who may require them. I am sincerely grateful to III Detective for their outstanding support."
Rahul Sharma
"The on-ground teams at this detective agency are exceptional. They exhibited remarkable coordination and efficiently managed multiple teams for an investigation assignment, even with just one day's notice. I can confidently affirm that they are among the top detective agencies. Their extensive references and wealth of knowledge further enhance their reputation. Heartfelt appreciation for their outstanding work."
Mohit kohli
"I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the team that assisted me in resolving my case. Their professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond for their clients were truly commendable. I am deeply appreciative of the invaluable advice and reassurance they provided. Their service struck the perfect balance between professionalism and a genuine human touch, which I greatly admired. I wholeheartedly recommend this team for any assistance you may require."
ARJUN Kumar Vankhede

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We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality information and data to illuminate any situation.


Our investigators are versed in advanced technologies for tracing, surveillance and data collection without breaking any ethics or laws of government, and can thus identify weak points in the organization’s physical and technological protection. These insights allow planning of suitable protections.

We provide companies and organizations with ongoing services (retainer based), of a full services suit for your company’s protection.

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